Підтримка сценічного та творчого мистецтва в Україні. 

Supporting the performing & creative arts in Ukraine has become a cultural emergency to preserve the history and integrity of the nations artistic expression and freedoms.
Personally, theatre has given me more opportunity, education and experiences I would not otherwise likely be exposed to.  Theatre opened its arms and my eyes from an early age.  It is a privilege that is never lost on me every time I am either in a rehearsal space, on a stage or on a set speaking words freely, when so many people around the world are at the same time being persecuted for saying words. 
War isn't over when it ends.  Right now, it might seem difficult to see an end but it will come and it will take a sustained effort to help rebuild and restore Ukraine and their culture.
All the money raised by you will:
* fund the rebuilding of the performing & creative arts in Ukraine.
* immediately help provide grants to pay for tuition fees and other educational resources for children and adults who are currently displaced due to the war, wherever they are, who wish to study in the performing arts.
* fund community projects and live performances.
* support playwrights, musicians and poets.
* support the restoration and digitisation of culturally significant documents and other works of arts belonging to the people of Ukraine.
Organisations in Ukraine
We are working on a list of official performing arts organisations in Ukraine that will need support in rebuilding the performing arts and cultural sector in Ukraine and that list will be made publicly available.  Due to security risks and to minimise the risk of fraud, funding is distributed to only recognised organisations in Ukraine.
Individual Grants and Scholarships
Funding for tuition fees will only be paid directly to the educational institution once the course place has been confirmed by the educational institution.  Details of educational institutions we partner with will be publicly available.
Educational Institutions and Organisations
If you represent an accredited educational institution or organisation that provides courses and programmes in the performing arts and you are interested in registering your interest in partnering with us please get in touch via email at partnership@letusplayagain.org
Each donation matters. Thank you for playing your part in the relief of suffering and in preserving artistic expression and cultural freedoms of Ukraine.
We lookforward to working with you.
Neil Alan-Bell
Founder of Let Us Play Again (LUPA)
#LetUsPlayAgain #LUPA

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